About Us

They say if you want a wild fun college life, then you must not even think about taking the LSAT. Law school is for those who have the courage to torture themselves through sleepless nights, thick books, and missing out on college parties. 

Foyer De Sion was at the same situation, but unlike other law students, he was able to enjoy law school more than anyone else but still passed the BAR. He was not alone though, he was able to influence other law students during his time, and they never missed a party while nailing law school. 

They launched foyerdesion.org because they believe that law students must enjoy their time in law school while reaching for their dreams as lawyers. Foyerdesion.org shares college hacks, motivational articles, and ways to have fun in law school while winging it.

Good luck and have fun!

Foyer De Sion and Team