1. Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) One-Sheets

One of our top Uniform Bar Exam books are our MEE one-sheets. In these sheets, each Multistate Essay Exam subject is covered in one page–front and back. We tell you the highly-tested areas of law that you should be most aware of when you walk into the first day of the bar exam. The MEE one-sheets are concise, invaluable, and provide a great overview of the material tested on the MEE. Many students use it to shape their studying in the weeks leading up to the exam. We receive absolutely glowing reviews on the MEE one-sheets every single administration!


2. MBE One-Sheets

These are not the traditional “book” but they are a fantastic resource that has received only positive feedback. Our MBE one-sheets contain the relevant laws that are tested on the multistate bar exam as well as colorful charts and diagrams. They also contain helpful tips for each MBE subject. When you order the MBE one-sheets, you will receive a high quality laminated hard copy of the one-sheets at your door. The MBE one-sheets can be purchased singly or in a set.


3. MBE Guide

Finally, our MBE guide is a fantastic book for those taking the Uniform Bar Exam or any bar exam that administers the MBE. Our MBE Guide illuminates some very tricky areas of law and covers some highly tested concepts — all in a readable and easy to understand format. We also give you strategies for how to approach specific topics so you are more likely to answer MBE questions right when you see those topics tested. Thus, it makes the list for the top five best Uniform Bar Exam books.


4. MPT books

The next resource that we list in our top five best uniform bar exam books are our MPT books. The MPT is a difficult part of the bar exam and many students put of practicing. Part of the reason students put off practicing is because it is difficult to find questions, model answers, and student answers (all of which are very helpful to see!) in one place.


5. Real MBE questions

The Real Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) Question test is composed of real MBE questions released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). It is available as a “mixed” test to simulate the MBE, or a “by subject” test for those focused on one particular MBE subject at a time (You will find 30 questions per subject if you choose the latter option.) Both options are available in electronic format (which you will receive instantly upon checkout). The mixed test simulates the actual MBE. The mixed test is 200 questions (divided into Part 1 and Part 2). This comes with an answer key and answer explanations.