Which Type of Anal Hook Is For You?

Would you be brave enough to slide a big, cold anal hook inside you? Or do you want to dominate your slave’s booty with it? Which type of anal hook is for you? Take a look at our full guide on anal hooks to discover the different types of this kinky toy and its naughty uses!

Anal Hooks Are Used in BDSM

Firstly, anal hooks are some of the most intense and kinkiest sex toys in BDSM. They are simply a perfect fit for any dark torture room and any worthy or unworthy anal slave! The hooks are usually made with surgical grade stainless steel that can create an unusual type of pressure during anal play. Doms and subs alike love it!. Plus, it can warm up after insertion, which can intensify the experience even further.

What’s more, this toy has a striking resemblance to a meat hook. Its appearance makes it ideal for humiliation, bondage, and torture. However, since BDSM play is vast, steel anal hooks are intended not only for merciless punishment and brutal torture. They can be used to achieve a sensation similar to butt plugs, albeit one that is much stronger and ideal for rough sex.

All in all, ass hooks are among the most versatile anal toys. They can stimulate the rectum, meaning that they can directly apply pressure on the prostate as well as the vaginal walls. However, since they are not flexible, they can inflict a slightly painful sensation that can lead to some unforgettable sexual pleasure. It’s also possible to try various types of anal hook sex. For example, you can try those for double penetration or oral sex.

Ball on the Insertion Head

So which anal hook would be the best fit for you? The most common anal type has a ball on the front end. Hooks have a J- or U-type curve that follows the shape of the rectum, and most of them are 5 to 10 inches long or more.

Like an anal plug, the traditional type of ass hook is inserted into the anus with the steel ball end first. Additionally, the hook has a metal loop, possibly the most exciting part of the toy. You can attach all sorts of ropes to it. The traditional hook type is most commonly used in predicament bondage as well as in rough sex.

For example, the primary way to use it is to insert the hook (ball first). You can then hook it up to ropes that you can tie to your sub’s wrists, neck, or hair. That way, with any movement, the sub will also move the toy. The result will be pain or pleasure (or a mix of both), depending on what they are hoping to achieve. For this kind of anal hook, you merely need to move it or pull it up to tighten the pressure.

Remember, any mild movement will create a frustratingly intense experience. Additionally, the balls can have a traditional bead-style shape, but you can also find types with cone-shaped balls.

With Multiple Balls

And if one metal ball is not enough, it’s possible to find hooks with several of them. In this case, the hook will resemble a toy with anal beads. The first ball on the insertion head is usually the smallest, and the size will increase towards the base of the hook.

For example, it can have a string of around three or more balls. This type is the best for lovers of anal beads. It can be incredibly strong, and it will please any lover of powerful anal penetration and intense asshole stretching. It’s could be an excellent choice for anal training, but most beginners should go for something that’s not as intimidating.

Nevertheless, multiple balls can allow you to increase the intensity of the already fantastic sensations. Simply use the first ball for light sexual stimulation and then push the hook in further to see what happens!

No Balls at All

And if the anal balls are simply too insense, it’s possible to find hooks without any insertion head.

Fans of BDSM posture training use this type frequently. Without a ball, the hook offers smooth insertion. Plus, this type has a rounded tip. The smooth tip does not stretch out the sphincter too much. However, it still keeps a firm hold on the wearer.

Moreover, this type is perhaps most effective when suspended from the ceiling. Then, the Dom can tighten the rope and increase the pressure on the sub’s sensitive hole. That way, you can either reward or punish the wearer.

Anal Hook With Cock Cage

If you are a fan of femdom, chastity play, or if you’re living the male chastity lifestyle, a hook with a cock cage may well be the ideal choice. It has an angled metal hook that enters the anus from below, and there’s a standard cock cage on the other end. The chastity device has the usual padlock and key that you can use to lock up your partner’s cock or your own.

Of course, as with any cock cage, there is a ring at the base that secures a tight fit. When combined with the steel cage, it prevents erections and sexual stimulation. That is a fantastic device for male confinement and any type of orgasm denial, torture, and similar. However, it’s not entirely impossible to orgasm while the cock is locked up.

Most cages have several openings, and you can stimulate the penis through them. But, the orgasm from this type of stimulation will be much more frustrating without full penile contact. That means that anal hooks with cock cages are simply perfect for any sub or Dom who prefers a ruined orgasm.

Anal Hook With Cock Ring

This type is similar to the previous one, but the only difference is that it doesn’t offer a chastity cage.

Namely, this kind of hook has a ball end for penetration while the other end contains a metal cock ring. This type can produce some of the most powerful orgasms for men. That’s because the ring will squeeze the penis and testicles to provide harder and bigger erections. It can also increase the duration of the erection. Furthermore, with any stimulation, the penis will tug on the ring and the ball-end. That will create an extremely intense effect, and it can lead to powerful prostate massage and unforgettable orgasms.

With Patterns or Spins

Lastly, if that’s not enough, you can choose a hook with a pattern, like a spin or a spiral. This kind is not as common, but it will provide extra stimulation. It has a special twisting or threaded pattern on the ball or insertion end that will offer an even more intense sensation.

In any case, it’s important to remember that anal hooks are not for newbies. Many BDSM lovers use them as a form of an ultimate test for their slaves. Using anal hooks can completely incapacitate the wearer!

That can range from discomfort, pain, to pleasure. If you surrender control or gain control of someone’s body, you will form a special bond.

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As you’ve seen today, anal hooks can open up a whole new world of pleasure or pain for you. So if you think you’re ready for intense anal penetration or want to dominate your slave’s ass, order an anal hook today! Just remember to use a safe word. Good luck!